Sunday, August 05, 2007

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang $148,000

Do want.


Steve Bates said...

Cool. Really cool. I want one, too.

Having spent literally hours of my life on Houston's freeways in my not-so-efficient old car, getting zero MPG when the freeways came to a halt, I find it difficult to believe that even inefficient personal flyers could be worse than our autos at a standstill. (We won't even think about possible collisions...)

Besides, I've wanted to fly since I was a child. Cost considerations pretty well put an end to my becoming a pilot. Yeah, I want one of those!

hipparchia said...

i've had some flying lessons, but like you say, the cost kept me from going so far as to get an actual license.

all i remember about your freeways is that everybody drives 80 or faster. that was a long time ago though.

also want