Monday, August 27, 2007

Gonzo resigns. Vick apologizes.

Edwards, on Gonzalez: Better late than never.
Ventre, on Vick: You apologized for everything except what's important - the dogs.

There have been worse Mondays, I suppose.


Steve Bates said...

I checked in on a long-time web friend, a "blogchild" in the sense that I gave her a push to start her blog, a paid writer for Black Commentator, and was astonished to see that she cast the whole affair in terms of racism.

I've been told that the NAACP defended Vick in public (I haven't followed up), but I'm astonished that an otherwise rational person could imagine that a white quarterback engaged in the same activity would have gotten off any lighter. Murdering dogs is murdering dogs... it's so difficult for me to see it in any other terms that for one rare time I have difficulty seeing another (honest) person's point of view.

[wqkfgwte - W quickly forgot what he said]

hipparchia said...

one director of one naacp branch defended vick. the parent organization was not pleased with that. in my cache of 100+ incubating posts, most of which will never see the light of blog, i have one on the race angles on this.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Gonzalez’s resignation was inevitable. What I think Vick is apologizing for is getting caught.

hipparchia said...

i'm afraid you're absolutely right about vick. also, i'm afraid that once the furor dies down, people will forget about dog fighting and it will go on, unchecked.