Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dennis Kucinich interview on PBS


Steve Bates said...


Kucinich is equally impressive in person. In 2004, after Kerry had effectively already won the nomination, Kucinich spoke (as he was scheduled to do before the race was decided) at the Texas Democratic Convention.

Despite the fact that by then everyone (including me) was by then committed to Kerry, Kucinich received a standing ovation (one might almost say a marching-around-the-room ovation) from just about everyone present. He then earned that ovation with his speech, speaking in support of Kerry on those issues they had in common, but never for a moment compromising his own positions on issues such as the Iraq war, his health care plan, etc.

If Kucinich had a realistic chance of becoming president, I'd be a much more enthusiastic Democrat than I am today. As things stand, I don't even know what city will host the Texas Democratic Convention in 2008... nor do I much care.

My presidential primary vote is a "free" vote, inasmuch as the Texas primary is so late that it has no influence on the party's choice of candidate. I think Rep. Kucinich just persuaded me to vote for him in that one opportunity to do so.

hipparchia said...

ha. florida's promary is so early that we're not going to have a say either [scroll down to the bottom -- the very bottom -- of the list of states and click on How to Become a Delegate - Florida; zeros, baby, zeros!]

i was a bit peeved with kucinich in the youtube debate, trying to get me to text message the white house [or somebody] when what i really wanted was to hear him answer questions, questions that people like me were asking him. well, ok, so i'm not either of the two hillbilly guys who serenaded the candidates, but still....

anyways, i've been on the verge of changing my registration to independent, but after watching the video, i'll probably stay a democrat long enough to vote for him in the primary, which is practically next week.