Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy New Year!

Check out the pigs of Clark Summit Farm and chew the right thing at The Ethicurean while you're at it.


Keifus said...

Takes me back, I guess. "Back in the day," as I was recently going on about, this was how my family consumed pork--whole hog, as it were--and we'd (meaning my parents) would make decisions about the cuts we wanted. (Block bacon is pretty awesome, if you were wondering.) Didn't know how good I had it, of course, until I didn't no more.

Never thought to research teh geographic provenance of such-and-such-farms as the Ethicurian did, however. The fact that there ain't no such place is as unsurprising as it is unsettling.

okthwffj: over the kliff: jump!

hipparchia said...

i would never have thought to research that provenance either. i know better now.

i'm a city kid. i don't think i'd even heard of block bacon before now.