Saturday, February 03, 2007

Plame Game

all things Libby
from BTC News


weldon berger said...

Well, now you have at least three readers ...

TenaciousK said...

Hey Weldon, Hipparchia rocks! She has hordes of fans (who are apparently watching football today).

I didn't comment on the graphic because it had so clearly been plagiarized from the Enron investigation.

Who the hell is BTCnews, anyway?

cfxyp: cool effects - yep.

hipparchia said...

hey, weldon! thanks for stopping by. i had a post or two planned on bloggers vs msm, but the success of btcnews has made my point much more eloquently than i could have. keep up the good work.

hipparchia said...

tk: freedom of information rocks! plagiarism shmagiarism.

but thanks for the compliment. the one problem with having hordes of fans is that eventually they might expect me to produce quality stuff here. ack. i think i'll go out to the beach and watch the surf while everybody's at home watching football.

Keifus said...

Oh great, the secret's leaking out from all corners. Just don't go all Yoko on us, Weldon.

hipparchia: you've had your time off, now back to the truth mines with you!


ydffzkdz: daffy Zeke dozes

weldon berger said...

Ah, keifus, would that I could, but I just don't have the voice ...

Anonymous said...

heya, k: i'm working on it. which do you want first, farm subsidies or universal health care?

congress is set to act on farm subsidies in 2007, so i feel under the gun here, but there's so much more to wade through on the health care, that i've turned to that first.

the beach was lovely, though.

txhes: texas taxes health
yoegple: yo! eaglet plebians!

Keifus said...

I looked at the pictures on your other blog. Lovely.

I was taking the ferry last summer across Long Island Sound to attend a friend's wedding, and watched the sun set over water. It's such a rare thing to ever see the sun set over water in these parts, and I remember being charmed by it. I guess on teh south coast, it can go either way.

I'm better prepared to make wiseass pedantic comments regarding health care, so I vote go with that. (But if it feels like work, I'll recommend you stop.)


vdhcyejf: vanadium elf in the hyacinth
ueysihxv: eyes you and I have crossed

hipparchia said...

i'm a sucker for wiseass pedanticism, so health care it is.

i didn't realize until a few years ago just how much of a farming geek i am, especially the business end of it. doesn't every child grow listening to the old folks talk corn prices and drain tiles?

i'm still learning how to use that camera.

awvrvpcc: arctic national wildlife refuge vs the intergovernmental panel on climate change