Wednesday, February 07, 2007

On the day that Percy L. Julian graduated ...

... at the top of his class at DePauw University, his great-grandmother bared her shoulders and, for the first time, showed him the deep scars that remained from a beating she had received as a slave during the last days of the Civil War. She then clutched his Phi Beta Kappa key in her hand and said, “This is worth all the scars.”


Keifus said...

Better living through chemistry...eventually. Yay, progress.


ixdplyu: I crossed you deeply (well, I hope not)
pmtzq: payment to Zen quarterly (my subscription's overdue)
bkjifuj: biking to Fuji

hipparchia said...

i considered titling it that.

(you didn't)

xrzptlb: cross-country zapatas
ryiebq: rye, that is, for barbecue