Thursday, February 15, 2007


This post is mostly [ok, entirely] an excuse to post this picture, but I really would like to see Sparky take on Landsburg on the subject of unforced errors in women's tennis. My money is on Sparky.


Keifus said...

I'm definitely in better shape than I get credit for. Just because I have large bosoms and I have a big ass.

That's great.

Oh, and Landsburg's a tool. Nothing more to add.

K (oylmj: except my oily mojo)

hipparchia said...

i'll bet she's in better shape than anybody who has ever criticized her shape.

back when i had a tv, i followed women's sports pretty avidly, especially tennis. venus and serena are terrific: rich, famous, beautiful, talented, athletic, hard-working, full of personality, and ranked among the best in the world at what they do. much better role models than ... paris hilton ... kate moss ... britney spears ....

Keifus said...

Yeah, no contest there.

(I meant to point out that it wasn't Landsburg I was thinking of earlier, who was obnoxious enough this time around fershure, but the other Slate dude who does that column, Metcalf I think, who never fails to annoy me.

Carry on.

K (like the new image I think.)

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maximo said...

that woman could bench press me. easily.

and i think it would excite me.

hipparchia said...

heya, corn snob! [nice post]

in general slate seems to be playing up the annoyance factor. whoever it was who first figured out [or just plain decided] that obnoxious sells more has a lot to answer for.

i think i'm relieved that you thought of xanthippos rather than xanthippe. and i haven't decided about eh picture yet myself.

hey, max.

i do believe she could do that to a lot of us. glad i could brighten your morning!

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Keifus said...

Thanks. Came up sooner than later. It fit into another one I was mulling, so there it went.

(I suppose I'm relieved too)

Re. Venus vs. Paris, I was thinking earlier today that I've often been attracted to women with muscular thighs and burly (but not too burly) shoulders. God knows why, as those women certainly don't tend to be interested in uncoordinated nerds like me. My wife, on the other hand, is sort of a lithe tomboy (another type that frequently drew my youthful attention), and does occasionally attract those first sorts of women. It's made for a few really uncomfortable spots.

Like hockey, I can't bear to to watch tennis now that I don't play it anymore. (Unlike hockey, I'll probably pick up the racket again if I get a chance.)

(lot of krayzies and kazakhs in these parts, eh?)


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