Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The First Carnival of Radical Feminists

via Dr Violet Socks


Keifus said...

You know, I actually looked. Not exactly the funnest carnival ever. (And I wouldn't get within a mile of the weenie roast!) I think radical feminism would do well with a dose of humor.

oajjal: a jolly jail (?)

hipparchia said...

[that one looks like the dyslexic version of jo's nic, if you ask me. and jails? we are not amused.]

Smashing the Patriarchy [or any other -archy] from without is generally pretty grim business. Seriousness is good for whipping mobs into [generally unthinking] frenzies, and mobs can be useful weapons.

Humor is often more pacifist, calms the situation, defuses tempers, and can be used to prompt people to think and reflect. It's often more subversive, requiring infiltrating one's way into the existing structure and "passing" as a member of the inner sanctum, whence one can then try to dismantle or re-form the bits that are within reach.

I'm more comfortable using subversion myself, but I've done both.

You're a brave soul to wander over there and I appreciate your doing so. Confession: I haven't read all of it myself yet. Part of that is because I tend to skim over the parts that I already agree with, but you're right, part of it is because a little levity sprinkled here and there helps. A lot.

ljvteo: lt jg vireo
ltejee: lt jg? hee hee hee!

Keifus said...

It's not like I left a comment or anything (and I skimmed myself).

Smashing -archies? Really?

Humor, in some ways, is how people deal with the stress-causing parts of their life. It can be used to present uncomfortable truths to people who wouldn't listen to a harangue. (Depends on who's using it and who they're trying to sway, I suppose.) So here's for subversion.

wzwkrx: my trip through Poland

K (more later maybe, but I think I'm going to go enjoy my weekend. It's nice up here...)

hipparchia said...

enjoy your weekend! i'll be spending mine taming kittens.

[your trip through poland!]