Sunday, May 27, 2007

Greenland is melting and so is your underwear!

The Global Warming Debate: “People always complain about the weather, now they’ve done something about it.”

Two Excellent Global Warming Links: “How to Talk to a Global Warming Skeptic” and “The Skeptics vs the Ozone Hole.” Plus a Picture.


daveto said...

Good for cartographers too, no?*

oh, yeah, my underwear has actually gotten bigger (gotta love them boxers!)

* oh, wait, a job for you: google map the new island!!!

hipparchia said...

i'm thinking it's time i started asking for cold hard cash for some of these jobs.

thanks for that link, though.

daveto said...

see, it may be a holiday for you guys, but we're working here!!!

mrztw - mr zeta whizzbang

Keifus said...

Two thousand is looking better and better.

(oh shit, where was I. Oh right. going, going!

fuvmxpx: fun verminiferous pictures (?)

hipparchia said...

keifus: you've gotten positively fat, dude. must be all that sitting around, reading books.

mrztw: that's mr twizzlesticks to you

fuvmxpx: very fluffy manx pics

this is what i hate about being logged in while commenting on your own blog, you only have used word verifications to play with.

Keifus said...

If I keep pushing on that door, I'll be back in fightin' shape in no time.

egydsukj: dusky edge
(or Daisuke's gyro...a Boston thing)

hipparchia said...

so old, they're new

[and even *i* have heard of dice-k]