Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's right here in black and white.

mom cat: supervising is the hardest job

tiger kitten: who knocked over the food bowl?

patches kitten: what food bowl? where?

blue kitten 1: not me! i'm way over here by the water bowl and my doppelganger is ... somewhere.

blue kitten 2: you'll never take me alive!

dog: i can clean that up for you.


Anonymous said...

That looks like my group with a light gray tabby substituted for "patches", and Ringo only has three. The momma cat looks like another korat, like Ringo.

Archaeopteryx said...

Momma cat looks like my Norman. Right down to the black nose.

maximo said...

ok. you can send one of them to me by fedex.

hipparchia said...


back when my desk was a briefcase and my office was an airplane seat, i used to fantasize about how nice it would be to just fed ex myself to wherever i had to go next. but don't you have some expendable relatives you can send on a road trip?


mom cat is gorgeous. right down to her black nose. i'm in love. but if you'd like to adopt another blue, this one is showing signs of wanting to become an indoor kitty. we could meet halfway, say about vicksburg?


somehow this is all your fault. i haven't figured out how yet, but give me time. speaking of time, i'm looking forward to seeing what excise turns into. i'm hoping for lynx point.