Saturday, May 05, 2007

I'm a girl!

Finally. I usually end up being labelled a boy on all these Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus tests.
And you are... ?


Keifus said...

51% with the arrow thingie.



hipparchia said...

awww, c'mon kief. if i can be a boy most of the time, surely you can be a girl just this once.

and while we're on the subject, what's up with this being relieved that you're not a she?

seriously, though, this is probably a good part of the reason why you're one of my favorite blogopeople: balance.

i was perusing some of my favorite feminazi sites recently, musing on the "nice guys finish last" shibboleth [yeah yeah yeah, shibboleth is my fvorite word these days]. apparently my idea of "nice" doesn't fit with others' idea of "nice." others' idea of "nice" seems to equate with "sycophantic" but the people i think of as "nice" are all well-balanced.

Keifus said...

Maybe I'll try to talk more about my kids. That'd put me over. (Someone should do an analysis like that with a he/she/I ratio: now that would be telling.)

On being nice and finishing whereever: there is something to the argument that society rewards (with sex or with high pay or even with attention) aggressive male behavior. It's something akin to, and maybe as destructive as, the way society tends to objectify women. [sycophantic...I take it you read some comments on that post, eh?]

I'm with you, life's all about the balance. Easier than it sounds.


hipparchia said...

[re sycophantic: i probably did read at least some of the post and comments you reference]

he/she/i: you're welcome to wade through this if you like [i'd like to get my hands on their database]. i found it here, where i am sometimes a man and sometimes a woman. interestingly enough, my two abortion posts that i plugged into that were "written by a man."

i agree with you on aggression, that it gets undue rewards in too many arenas, especially if it's being exhibited by males.

collecting my thoughts on objectification has been on a par with herding cats. more on that later maybe.

i enjoy reading about your kids. more is good.

Keifus said...

Hmm, still a boy: even on my gender-pondering post (where I took 1100 words to repeat what I just said in 10) got male by 1633 to 1551. The ratio is consistent with the other couple posts I entered. I'll give the paper a good skim--seems interesting, if a little tendentious. Women love "with" and "if", do they? (agree about the database--how they select it could really skew the results. Still, it seems a lot more interesting than my job.)

Children are sure to come up.


hipparchia said...

among other things, women apparently use pronouns more than men do. i haven't read the whole paper either, but the bit about pronouns struck me because i had just read your above comment about he/she/i when i found that paper.

my job has a lot of interesting moments, but i've just now realized that most of those moments are when i get to analyze stuff or solve problems. the boring stretches between interesting moments are endlessly boring though.