Monday, April 14, 2008

How's that gold-plated HMO working out for ya?

And your prescription drug co-pays?


Anonymous said...

Well, this is one reason I cannot concern myself with acquiring assets.

Steve Bates said...

This behavior by the insurers is obscene. The whole point of having insurance is to protect oneself against worst-case scenarios.

The same thing happened to my father in paying for my mother's longterm care for Alzheimer's disease: their insurance, typical for its day (Mom died in 1990), explicitly omitted such coverage. Dad ended up nearly broke, but when he reached a level of poverty that would have qualified him for Medicaid, Mom died that very week.

hipparchia said...

michael, you're one of the first persons i thought of when i read that article.

steve, that story just makes cry. much the same thing happened to my ex's parents too. it's unforgivable.

Anonymous said...

Hipparchia, I haven't been notified of any change in my coverage but my medicine is on that list in the article. Should they Tier 4 me, we won't be able to financially support ourselves without help.

hipparchia said...

it's unconscionable. i am sincerely hoping that doesn't happen to you.

i've got a friend here whose situation is similar to yours, though not quite as dire. if her insurance company does that, it'll probably take her entire salary just to pay for medications. they could probably squeak by on her husband's salary, but that negates the whle point of buying the insurance in the first place.