Sunday, April 06, 2008

Persons who are bigger and more worthy than you are

CEO pay is not only outrageously high, it's handed out based not on performance but on ability to schmooze and scheme.

Monsanto already controls, and tinkers with the genetics of, a huge portion of our food supply, starting with some staple commodities like corn and soybeans, extending to milk, and now they want to produce novel, value-added vegetable seeds.

Speaking of novel, how about those new, improved, modernized financial instruments that have served the average homeowner, and the general economy, so well?

Drug companies track which drugs doctors prescribe, bribe doctors to prescribe certain drugs over others, and want to be able to lie and cover up their failures and mistakes.

The internet is spying on you.

If you don't know what the insurance companies are up to you haven't been paying attention, but here's yet another pie they've got fingers in: 'disease management' for Medicare patients. Yes, they really do claim they can cut Medicare costs by applying their expertise to helping direct the patients’ care.

KBR's human rights are being violated because some of their female employees think that submitting to being raped shouldn't be part of their job description.

Corporate personhood, the now-legally-enshrined idea that corporations are people just like you and me, entitled to the very same Constitutional rights, may not be directly responsible for each of the above abuses, or the many more I've left off the list, but it has unleashed a scourge upon us that we're going to have a hard time digging out from under.

Government of the people, by the people, and for the people requires some work on the part of the people. You can start by checking out which of your elected officials have voted for such "reforms" as tort reform and the bankruptcy bill and reminding them that they work for you, not for corporations.


Anonymous said...

Not only corporate personhood, but limited liability with unlimited reward is a manifest injustice to the public for private gain.

hipparchia said...

limited liability with unlimited reward is a huge injustice, and beyond --- it's an open invitation to predators.