Monday, April 07, 2008

Ticking time bomb

Dude thinks there's too many women doctors, recklessly dragging quality standards up, not to mention that at some point they might actually start outnumbering the men. I'm having some difficulty feeling sorry for him.

Also, I voted NO in the poll last night, and was gratified to find that I was voter number 666.

update, 4/9/2008--darn it, they changed the poll. they're no longer asking if there are too many women graduates in medicine.


andante said...

What a jackass (him, not you).

When my legs broken, I don't care who sets it as long as they know what they're doing it.

Sounds to me like he's had one too many prostrate exams by a female doctor.

hipparchia said...

well, that's an explanation i hadn't thought of. he's a jerk, that's for sure.

i have a decided preference for female doctors, but like you, i care more about whether they know what they're doing than their sex, age, skin color, country of origin, etc.

Anonymous said...

Half the population is female. Women live longer than men. Children are also more accustomed to dealing with women than men. Most nursing staff is female. I'm trying to see the problem here, but I can't find it.

Traditionally women are healers and comfort givers outside the "modern Western civilization", so what is his concern?

For a group that started out cutting hair and shaving people, doctor's have certainly acquired some odd ideas of their importance.

Unknown said...

McKinstry uses some absurd and archaic arguments that are too lame to comment on.