Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring is here!

Last year it was petunias [and kittens], white and some shades of purples, the years before it was various herbs, parsleysagerosemaryandthyme and some others.

This year I've gone whole hog, so to speak, and planted both flowers and herbs. Marigolds and salvia, mint and oregano, nasturtiums and lavender, and some aloe vera.

I'm --- just barely --- resisting the urge to plant a rock garden. In the aloe vera section of the garden shop were all those cute little furry cactuses and other alien-being looking little succulents, all of them cute as bugs, and all of them pricier than a gallon of hormone-free, antibiotic-free, free-range, locally-grown, organic milk.

I'll let you know later this summer if the glowball is warming or cooling this year.

Oh, and speaking of flowers... here, have a poppy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder about the lavender.

I have sunflowers planted for the birds, catnip, and impatiens.

I found a good looking volunteer ceder seedling that I'll grab, and I have room for some other stuff in boxes.

hipparchia said...

cat food bait, huh? :)

volunteers are teh awesum. back when i had a yard and a real garden, the volunteer squash and pumpkins that grew out of the compost heap were the best, and they nearly took over the yard. not that this was a bad thing, since i hate mowing the grass almost as much as i hate cleaning litter boxes.

i've considered he catnip -- i still have some empty flowerpots sitting around -- but there are enough cats here that they could probably bash their way through the door onto the porch going after the fresh catnip.

Anonymous said...

A wire cage helps when growing 'nip.

hipparchia said...

i plant stuff.
i sometimes remember to water it.
it grows.
or not.
or gets eaten by cats.