Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dear Democrats:

I've sent emails to both my US Senators -- Mel Martinez the Republican and Bill Nelson the Democrat -- on various issues. Guess which one can't be bothered to send me the occasional email newsletter.


Anonymous said...

Come on, surely you don't expect a guy whose main claim to fame is being a former astronaut to understand technology?

John McCain's office responds to e-mail [not an auto-response], that's how bad Nelson is.

hipparchia said...

ok, so it's not just me then. i was thinking maybe i might have hurt his feelings or something.

Anonymous said...

His constituent support people suck, it's that simple. If a real candidate ever runs against him, he's gone.

Don't bother with snail mail or faxes either.

hipparchia said...

i've seldom let the lack of an audience convince me to stop opining. i'm not about to change my ways for bill nelson. otoh, i'm pretty sure he's never going to change his ways to suit me either, so i guess that makes us even.