Friday, September 12, 2008

Invasion of the body snatchers [or something]

I finally quit reading Slate for good when they started in on their Hillary Deathwatch, though the vapidity of the XX Factor blog and Will Saletan's newfound 'i r a public intelleckshuall now!' seriosity had already killed off most of my interest. Nonetheless, I've never unsusbscribed from the Today's Papers newsletter.

today's papers
Militant vs. Predator
By Daniel Politi
Posted Friday, Sept. 12, 2008, at 6:45 AM ET

The Los Angeles Times leads with word that the Bush administration is sending Predator aircraft "equipped with sophisticated new surveillance systems" to target militants inside Pakistan. This new technology was apparently a key weapon in the fight against Iraqi insurgents and now drones with this special equipment are being pulled from other areas and sent to help out in Pakistan. This is yet another example of how the Bush administration has decided to pursue more unilateral attacks in Pakistan instead of trying to cooperate with the Pakistani government.

So, next they'll be arming those drones with death rays maybe?


Anonymous said...

This doesn't explain how they again got suckered by a double agent into attacking an innocent village.

Great, they can track an identified target, but nothing can tell whether the target is a bad guy without reliable local intel, which they don't have.

hipparchia said...

but don't worry! the intel androids are next in the pipeline! and then we'll send out battlebots to take out all those villages!

between the contractorization, the mercenarization, and the mechanization of war, it's fast becoming bloodless, on our side at least. added feature: mistakes are nobody's fault.