Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mississippi mudcake

Lots of good things have come out of Mississippi [hard to believe, I know], including this little soap opera. An illegal ballot design so you can't find the special senate race, leaving off the party designations so you can't tell which is the D and which is the R if you do find it, and moving the date of the special election to favor Republican turnout.


Update: the sample ballot, see if you can spot the Democrat. But hey, it's not going to matter anyway --
None of the 82 counties have published their ballots, Hosemann said Friday. Only three counties - DeSoto, Lee and Yalobusha - use voting machines with paper ballots. The other 79 counties use electronic machines.


Anonymous said...

They really love those activist judges down here when it comes to elections.

It would be nice if local media cover this, but they won't.

I hope no one is waiting for the DNC to do anything.

hipparchia said...

i suppose it's not activist to support the prevailing social norms, and since the republicans have been lying cheating thieving scum for so very long now....

i just now checked the websites for some of the mississippi papers, they do seem to be keeping up with the story.

dnc? whodat?

Anonymous said...

With 79 counties with touchscreen machines, why bother to hold the election, just print the results programmed into the machines and have done with it.

hipparchia said...

it would save them a heap o' money, wouldn't it?

that's the first i'd heard that they were all [or essentially all] touchscreens.