Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Monday

The car is broken. The hot water is broken. My wallet's been stolen. One of the cats is sick. I have a migraine.

update: the cat has drugs [though he's still in a bad mood and yowling about it], nobody used the magic plastic cards in my wallet [but replacements are going to take several days to get here], the car is fixable [for about $200, an unpleasant bite but doable], quantities of caffeine [and chocolate!] took care of the headache, and i have no idea if the hot water got fixed yet, but who cares? the rest of it will be ok. oh yeah, the contract that puts food in teh kittehz dishez [and litter in their boxez] got extended for another year.

update tuesday night: hot water fixed. yay.


Anonymous said...

It is time to "time out".

Take some "me time" to relax.

Stop multitasking and deal with one thing at a time to reduce the stress.

hipparchia said...

actually the biggest problem was that most of these things started happening late saturday and pretty much had to wait till today to be tackled.

fortunately they turned out to be tackle-able.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it, especially the contract extension. This is no time to be without a job.

A neighbor who was working construction is now flipping burgers at two places to keep it together until building starts again.

hipparchia said...

no time to be without a job is right.

i wouldn't last one shift flipping burgers, no depth perception is kind of a limiting factor in anything needing eye-hand coordination. about my only other immediately marketable talent is delivering pizzas. i once made good money doing that, but it was in the good old days of $1/gal gas. plus i had a zippy little toyota then. not the job to have with $4/gal gas and an elderly aircraft-carrier-sized car that's held together with bubble gum and baling wire.

of course, in this economy, people aren't going to be having pizzas delivered to their doorsteps much either, so i'm not sure what i'd do. maybe train the cats to hunt small birds and bring them back to me for bbq.

the pizza place put me to work in the kitchen once. once. seemed like a good enough idea at the time, it being a slow night that night and all, but it rapidly became a small disaster. i only managed to keep my job because i was their best driver. after that they always got one of the other drivers to work in the kitchen on slow nights.

my dad's got his heart set on a zippy little green car of some kind. he hasn't decided whether it should be a hybrid, an electric, or just what, but he wants it soonish. if i can keep the behemoth running for another year or so by throwing a couple hundred dollars at it once or twice a year, i can have dad's present car [only 10 yo and only has 99,000 miles on it] when he gets his new one.

Steve Bates said...

Yikes! I'm going to stop complaining about my week...

hipparchia said...


and here my dad was telling me it could be worse; you could still be living in houston.

hipparchia said...

ps. welcome back to the real world!