Monday, September 15, 2008

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The next census will be taken soon! in 2010, which will affect both the redrawing of the boundaries for Congressional districts, and even whether states lose or gain districts. One thing I didn't know, governors apparently have some say in the process too, so if you're looking for a place to spend some $$ on electing some Democrats, check out the Democratic Governors Association.


After my speech at the Democratic Convention, the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) gave me some disturbing information.

Right now, the GOP is executing a plan to TAKE 38 governorships over the next three years. If they accomplish this, they will have the power to shrewdly alter election district borders and steal back Congress.

Why governors? Governors influence redistricting--the redrawing of congressional district lines, and all states redistrict in 2011 to make our government more representative. But like Texan Tom DeLay, who led the underhanded, but legal, effort to create SIX new Republican congressional districts in Texas in 2003, the GOP wants to make government non-representative--to win by making it impossible for Republicans to lose.

The DGA is mobilizing right now--before the GOP plan gains momentum--to elect Democratic governors all across the nation. 11 states are at immediate risk! Will you help us now to protect our democracy? Please donate $5 or more today:

Democrats have a 28-state majority of governors. But 47 governorships will be decided in the next three years, starting with 11 in 2008. And the Republicans have already raised close to $30 million. Their plan is to use this massive war chest to pick up 16 new governorships and gerrymander their way to a new congressional majority.

This is not Democratic propaganda. Just read these words from a spokesman of the Republican Governors Association:

"We could feasibly see 25 to 30 congressional seats swing as the result of redistricting...The odds are, if it is a Republican in the governor's chair, the seat will end up in GOP hands."

Republican governors = manipulated districts = 25 to 30 more congressional seats in GOP hands!

This is old-school, back-room politics at its worst, and if they succeed, our democracy will suffer for years to come.

One thing is clear--the Republicans expect to lose at the ballot box for a long time to come, unless they get their 38 governors and give themselves an unbeatable edge.

So let's give them the defeat they expect and deserve starting with this year's races.

Please join in giving the DGA the resources it needs to protect our democracy.

Let's show the GOP that we take our democracy seriously. That means the American people--in every state--get to decide.


Bill Richardson
Governor of New Mexico
Former Chair, Democratic Governors Association

P.S. Remind the GOP that we're still a democracy. Help the DGA elect Democratic governors. Please give now--11 states are at immediate risk!

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