Saturday, November 01, 2008


First time in several weeks that I've filled the tank all the way from E to F in one swell foop. Had to wait in line to do it too.

Long line in front of the library for the last day of early voting [I'm still waiting till the 11th hour of Election Day myself] , and I decided to treat myself to a chocolate milkshake while I was out running errands -- long line at McDonald's and I waited at the window forever before they finally decided they couldn't get the milkshake machine working after all.

I don't mind the gas prices so much, I'm a treehugger anyway and think we all ought to drive less than we do. What I really need, though, is for my food prices to go back down, or for my income to go up.

Oh, and health care would be nice to have too. Yo, Massachusettsians! I understand [some of? all of?] you have a chance to vote for a ballot initiative for a state-wide single-payer system. Far be it from me to tell y'all how to run your own state [vote YES!] but hey, how's that RomneyCare been working out for ya?


Anonymous said...

The price on the 25# bag of rice came down slightly, but but only from more than twice what it was 6 months ago to a bit less than twice.

The price on the basic commodities is still way out of whack.

Steve Bates said...

"... and I decided to treat myself to a chocolate milkshake while I was out running errands --"

Errands are often difficult to outrun. I'd consume a milkshake, too, before I attempted to outrun them.

[Captcha text: fouro -- what I always wished my GPA was.]

Steve Bates said...

Oh, and... "Massachusettsians"? Really? 'cause if that's for real, it's suitable double-dactyl material!

hipparchia said...

oooh! i'd love a double dactyl on massachusettsians [i lived there for a brief spell, but i have no idea if that's what they're called irl].

unfortunately i've never managed to outrun any of my errands, especially those involving dog or cat food. not even when fortified with chocolate milkshakes.

hipparchia said...


i haven't been following the agricultural exchange-traded funds lately, but funny thing -- they came into being just about the same time that both oil and food commodities started skyrocketing in price, which coincidentally was just about the same time that people started to realize the housing/mortgage markets were in trouble.

i realize all the smart people say that speculation was not the cause of all these prices going up, but i remain unconvinced.

and yeah, i really need for rice to come back down.

Keifus said...

I certainly didn't have that ballot question. I got to vote for reduced penalties for marijuana possession though.

Also, the term you are looking for is "Masshole" (at least when we drive).

hipparchia said...

i remember twiffer telling me that was the correct terminology one day when i was complaining that your state had the worst drivers, but his state had the worst roads.

well, drat, i was hoping it was a statewide initiative, but i knew that the backers of hr 676 were pushing for towns and cities to put [non-binding] resolutions supporting hr 676 or single payer on their ballots, so i'm not surprised.

the marijuana, cool. now that i'm getting all old and creaky and you kids get off my lawn! i'm losing patience with all this incrementalism. i'd sure like to wake up tomorrow morning to find we've unilaterally given up the war on drugs.