Thursday, November 06, 2008

from the inbox...

Dear [hipparchia],

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that today is election day.

You're not gonna want to tell people in 10 years that you don't remember what you did today, so if you're able to vote in this election and still don't know where to cast you vote, you just lost your best excuse for not doing so:

You can also test your prognostication ability against the pundits by entering our election prediction sweepstakes:

  • First prize: one month's worth of FDL Book Salon titles.
  • Second prize: a package of books, CDs and DVDs courtesy of Blue America
  • Third prize: FDL t-shirt and mug, plus two tickets to the Inauguration special performance of "Wake Up World"

I'll be on GritTV with Laura Flanders at noon ET. Watch live on and call in toll-free at 866-466-2961 and let us know what you're thinking.

And I'll also be on BBC World News all night until the bitter end, hopefully trying to figure out how to make House and Senate races interesting to an international audience.

If you're already voted, pat yourself on the back -- and take someone you love to the polls!


Jane Hamsher

Jane asks us to take someone we love to the polls. I went one better [or worse] -- I rode with my neighbor, who is new in town and didn't know where to go, to our polling place. On the way there we argued politics, but neither of us convinced the other, and we ended up effectively canceling out each other's vote. At least we agreed on one thing -- VOTE! [how I voted]

Such is the nature of politics and friendships.


daveto said...

I did. Or almost. I drove some volunteers to the place where they went out and took people to the polls. So, you know, without me ...

But really, it was fun. That little part meant something to me, and I was happy to be able to do it.

Also, adorable rodent alert!. (full story here)

Anonymous said...

I only had to take my Mother to the polls this year, but in years past I drove her friends, and they certainly weren't Democrats for the most part.

It's the curse of working from home, everyone assumes they can drop by or call anytime, because you aren't really working.

hipparchia said...

bryan, you should have asked your boss for the day off. :twisted:

hipparchia said...

syd, oh gosh, it's adorable!!! love the photos, and thanks for being one of the cogs in the machine.

Henry said...

I am an astute, self-aware feline tabby and fan of your blog. A friend of mine "tagged" me to reveal six random things about myself, which I did on my blog. I was asked to "tag" six other bloggers to contribute to the collective confessional. I'm sure your readers would love to hear what you'd pull out of your hat.

This is not a chain letter. Nothing bad will happen to you if you decline to participate. I will keep my claws retracted. I have linked to you from my blog at:

Signed, another pro-American cat for Obama