Thursday, November 27, 2008


funny pictures of cats with captions

Actually, somebody in this household is doing quite well without them. When the dog and I got back from Thanksgiving dinner with the folks, we found the refrigerator door open.

In other news, Sparta has his own Youtube channel now, and a buddy.

New favorite blog -- Poo Zen.
Other new favorite blog -- NPR Check, keeping an eye on the right-wing infestation of NPR


Steve Bates said...

"I started this blog because no one else was documenting NPR's drift toward the right - and it made more sense than yelling at the radio." - NPR Watch

Umm... Bill Moyers?

Seriously, I'm glad somebody else is doing it, indeed, specializing in following NPR. But if you've read Moyers on Democracy, it's a bit difficult to assert credibly that no one else is documenting the drift.

Steve Bates said...

Oops. Make that "NPR Check".

Anonymous said...

yeeeers ago, (in the days before we worried about water conservation, i had a friend whose cat used to flush the toilet...didn't use it or anything - just liked to flush it.

he would sit up on the tank and push the lever, and watch the water spinning around the bowl. and when it would finally get quiet, he'd do it again!

she had to put down the lid before she went to bed, just to make certain he'd leave it alone.

just remembering that stupid cat has me laughing so hard i'm snorting.

Anonymous said...
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