Tuesday, November 04, 2008

North Carolina -- almost blue

CNN's Battleground States map shows NC with 92% of precincts reporting and McCain ahead by only 2702 votes, out of a total of 3.9 million votes [shortly after 10:00pm CST].

A squeaker.

Oh, and 2 other notes, neither of which is likely to be useful --

Florida is 51% Obama, 49% McCain, or about 160,000 votes ahead, with 86% of precincts reporting. NB, later-reporting precincts here tend to be in the red parts of the state.

CNN appears to have called Ohio for Obama, a flip from red to blue for the Buckeye State if true. I can't remember the site where I saw the information, but whoever has won Ohio in the past 10Presidential elections has won the whole kit and caboodle. But probably it's safer to rely on your magic 8-ball for prognostication.


Anonymous said...

This morning it looks like Amendment 2 passed with the requisite 60%+

The Dem challenger to Miller, Bryan, received 90K votes with no money and no name recognition. Overall still only 8 Dems from Florida in the House.

OT: have you managed to get the local manual to work with Gimp? I installed the local help system, but Gimp can't find it.

Carla said...

Our local news reports that 40,000 provisional ballots must be counted before a win for NC is called. Predictions are that Obama will maintain his slim lead, which was 12,000 votes with all precincts reporting.

My husband and I watched hopefully last night, wishing that NC would be the first state to flip, then went to bed last night unsatisfied that it still sat there, gray and pathetic, for the rest of the country to see.

We are attending a celebration party here in Raleigh Friday night and hope maybe they'll throw us a bone by then. All of us here worked VERY hard for a blue Christmas.

As a footnote, my husband says he is sorry that Jesse Helms wasn't alive to see this day. He is buried is one mile from here. I think I will go over later and put all my Obama paraphernalia on his grave.

Anonymous said...

I really have nothing to add, but the current code is "angst"

hipparchia said...

carla, that's a creative idea for used campaign paraphernalia. i'll keep my fingers crossed for y'all. bluer-shade-of-purple is a much nicer shade than gray and pathetic [even though my county is still red].

hipparchia said...

bryan, i never got the help files to work either, but i've had several classes using photoshop, so i never tried very hard to fix that. some web sources i've consulted from time to time on gimp:

grokking the gimp

gimp tutorials

gimp user manual

gimp help [not sure i'ever used this one]

hipparchia said...

if you've got a specific question or two, i might know the answer [nb: i've still got an older version of gimp installed, if you've got a current version, things might be different].

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if there was some trick to it, but apparently it has never worked as advertised. I have the manual on my computer, but it would be easier to do it within the program.

C'est la vie.

hipparchia said...

c'est la free.