Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The definitive Ron Paul

Ron Paul is saying some things that resonate with a lot of otherwise good people. It's just an accident, though, that his anti-war views line up with the anti-war views of liberals and progressives.

This lengthy post has got to be the best and most complete analysis out there of just exactly why a Ron Paul presidency, or that of any Ron Paul clone who may come along later, would be a disaster.

Otoh, if you truly believe that the solution is dissolution, then Ron Paul is your man.


Anonymous said...

The guy has been certifiable for decades and people don't know who he is. He has been on my ballot in Florida at least twice before on the Libertarian line.

Don't these people do any research?

hipparchia said...

well, i'd never heard of him before, or at least not remembered him. i've been a somewhat variable voter at the local level, but a staunch democrat in every presidential election, whether i bothered to research the candidates or not. yellow dog = me, on that score.

i'm pretty sure that most people don't do research. i've certainly done more of it than i used to, now that i have internet access.

also, i went off and registered as a democrat in part to rebel against my republican family, so it's partly by accident that i landed in the right [left] briar patch.

Steve Bates said...

Ron Paul is dissolute? Who knew!

Every Texan has known Ron Paul for decades. IMHO he is, as Bryan put it, certifiable. But he seems to fool a lot of people who are desperately looking for something better.

As far as I can tell, there is no aspect of Ron Paul that is genuine. He's a fake conservative, a fake libertarian and a fake "very serious person." My advice to anyone: don't even think of voting for him.

hipparchia said...

well, he's very much like a lot of the texans i once lived among, so he's probably doing his job as a representative.

even ron paul bots deserve a voice, but most of us would not fare well under their governance.

Keifus said...

Hey, my flirtation with Dr. Paul was always of a choose-your-crazy sort, of the lines does anti-abortion trade off with pro-war? More gedanken experiment than advocacy. Don't worry, I think that his libertarian cred is self-contradicting too (but then so is...), and that he's a bit of an off-his-nut zealot to boot.

K (also, "subtly dismantling everything I take for granted" sounds suspiciously, and conveniently, like smoking more weed, but that could be just the take of a guy who doesn't touch the stuff.)

hipparchia said...

on choosing crazies, i was only half-joking when i proposed a kucinich/gravel ticket not long ago.