Friday, January 18, 2008

This all just bites.

The modem is fixed [replaced] but the cats are all sick and one of them is missing.

I'm hoping she's just hiding somewhere in the house, because between the hawks, the coyotes, animal control, the rain, and the cold front that is moving in this weekend, she doesn't stand much chance if she's managed to sneak out the front door. Just in case, I've made a fairly well-insulated little cave on the front porch and left out food and water, and the dog and I have been keeping our eyes peeled on our walks today.

Update: The Howard Hughes of chez hipparchia has been spotted and now all cats are present and accounted for. She wasn't sneezing, so maybe she's just avoiding everybody else's germs.


Steve Bates said...

Cats as large as yours are getting to be would have trouble sneaking out the door without your noticing. I'm betting on "hidden indoors" ... good luck, in any case.

(This thread has the fattest captcha text font I've ever seen.)

hipparchia said...

i'm hoping for "hidden indoors" but it would be fairly easy for any of the cats to use the dog for cover; he doesn't mind their being underfoot.

Steve Bates said...


hipparchia said...

yes [sigh of relief].

i'm really curious where she's been hiding out. i thought i'd found all their hiding places.

Anonymous said...

One of my cats used to sleep on top of the water heater. It didn't have a door, per se. The landlord had it behind a wall in the bathroom, and blocked it with a screwed on panel.

But in the hallway, we had a linen closet...sort of...a very deep closet...and in the back of the linen closet, there was a piece of wall gone...about 3 inches in diameter. The little shit would skaweeeeeeeeeze her little body through that passage, and after rubbing up against inside walls covered with spiders ~n~ shit, jump up on the water heater. It was warm, and it was hidden. Good thing she was spayed. I'm sure if she'd ever been able to have a litter, she'd have had them in there.

Anonymous said...

Cats can squeeze into the most obscure places possible, and I occasionally find one of the pride shut in a cupboard, having jumped in while I was taking something out.

You crew is old enough that it shouldn't be too serious, but it takes feral conditioning and friends to survive outside at the temperatures expected.

Even the shy ferals were gobbling up extra food today in anticipation of the cold.

Welcome back to the 'Net.

hipparchia said...

well, all her friends are on the inside...

i've discovered her hiding place, finally, and it's not in the walls, thank the goddess [bastet, in this case]. the only hole in the wall big enough is behind the stove, but i was about 95% sure that the stove was close enough to the wall to keep cats out.