Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wanted: corpses

and from the very adventurous and talented, perhaps a zombie or two.

No, not dead bodies this time.

If you're into collaborative creativity with a Surrealist bent, you should try an exquisite corpse, of one flavor or another. I've played many a game of the hand-drawn variety over the years, and a poetic one or two [hi, august!], so I was thrilled to discover recently [via those amazing guys from area 51] a collection of some really excellent corpses. You should take a couple hours out of your life to browse their archives.

Sadly, that group is no longer active, but a new one has sprung up, and they are looking for players [one of my sockpuppets has joined]. The rules are easy to follow, and if, like me, you're too cheap to go out and buy Photoshop, you can always download GIMP.

And just because I can, here's a different Exquisite Corpse.


august said...

Hi hipparchia!

Those really are cool. Thanks for thinking of me. (Sorry I haven't been around much -- meat life is complicated).

hipparchia said...

how could i not think of you? i enjoyed the fraycorpse[s] you started, which in visual structure at least, made me think of this.

speaking of irl, if you ever collect your grooves posts [or anything else like them] in a book, i'm doomed. i would most definitely break my new years resolution for that one.

i understand about complications. stop by whenever. whatever else this blog may be up to, there will likely at least be cats in it.