Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Surge! brought to you in [formerly] living color

by the NYT.

This is a crappy way to illustrate technical information, way too busy and hard to read, but each one of those figures represents a human being, on "our" side, who was alive before 2007, and each one of those black blocks represents 500 more deaths.

Total for the year = 2,592

But hey, it's ok, because civilian deaths are down.

No word yet on when our oil, that they're hiding in their sand, will be transported to US gas tanks where it rightfully belongs.


Anonymous said...

Look, it's simple. Al Qaeda stole our oil and used it to perpetrate attacks on our country. 9/11, don't you remember? Should I stop trying to do parody because it scares me?

hipparchia said...

i love dark humor. if you can atand to concoct the parodies, i'll always get a kick out of reading them.