Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I need to get my hair cut. Now.

I can't go out of the house looking like Ann Coulter! Argh! I promise to not get it cut this short though.

Four dollars and eighty-seven cents? For a poster? Young Republicans are such cheapskates.

Back on the topic of bad haircuts: did we really used to look like this?

Well, ok, so none of y'all were alive then.


Keifus said...

Regrettably enough, my hair looked like this when I was much too young (Tom, not the other guy, and not in drag, that was earlier). It might have been a mistake to call that a style, however. It certainly wasn't on purpose.

K (who doesn't mind feeling young these days)

dfxavl: don't fuck with Axl's values
opdml: Opus Dei's meal. (a lot of wine and crackers, I'm guessing. Maybe Mr. Hanks knows.)

Keifus said...

P.S.: I'm probably the youngest of your commenting readers (well, if max isn't), and I'm only four years from the cut. You'll have to go back further if you want to impress, granny.

P.P.S.: Hey, I'm a poster. I wonder if I can scare up $4.87 just for being great. (Milage varies, obviously.)

nxmij: the ijth element of an n x m matrix (dork alert)

hipparchia said...

i'd pay $4.87 for a dork poster!

Archaeopteryx said...

I looked and looked on the web to find a picture of what my hair looked like in 1978, and I couldn't find anything. But I posted anyway, just because of the word verification code.

fuakgeh: fuck yeah!

hipparchia said...

[or funk genie] but, fuck yeah! can't blame ya.

belledame222 said...


otoh you probably don't look like her. do you have springs coming out of your head? if not, i wouldn't worry about it.

hipparchia said...

hey, belledame!

springs pop out of my head whenever i read ann coulter. i think it may be brain cells committing suicide. it's ok, i got about 8" cut off, so now there's no chance i look like her [nor ann althouse either].

Claude Scales said...

Having seen Ann Coulter in the flesh, I can say that the poster is either a very old photo or someone made liberal (sorry, Ann) use of the "airbrush" feature on their software.

That said, I can forgive you for inflicting Ann on me, but Gary Puckett is another issue entirely.

hipparchia said...

"Having seen Ann Coulter in the flesh, I can say that..."

for just the briefest of moments there, i half expected this to end in "... and hipparchia, you're no ann coulter."

it may well be an old picture. that makeup looks kind of dated to me. but what do i know? i myself only put on makeup about once every two or three years. that would also be about how often i get my hair cut.

ok, i'll apologize for gary puckett, but i was desperate for some kind of exorcism.