Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One man's abortion.

DBB writes passionately and intimately about his abortion. True, it was his wife who had the abortion, but this one was a bit different. You should go read it.

He's also posted a heartwarming tale of their first pregnancy.

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Keifus said...

Thanks for linking that.

Y'know, it's less about being pro-abortion, and more, really, about being against simplistic blanket proscriptions that, if followed, can really fuck up other people's lives in a meaningful sense. (I can see the logic of trying to adopt "choice" as a banner, but I still think that the language adopted by those folks makes the choice seem more trivial than it usually is.) It's like saying being against sentencing guidelines is equivalent being pro-crime (which probably isn't too uncommon). Case-by-case discretion is important. Options are important. I think the core problem is that most people have a hard time with exceptions to their rules of thumb.

I'm also reminded from my brief membership in the pregnancy club of many tales about how tenuous a physiological relationship it can be between mother and the baby inside.