Sunday, April 01, 2007

I'm still confused.


Apparently Michael Egnor is just an elaborate April Fools joke. Apparently I'm supposed to be mortified for believing that IDers are the same thing as YECies, or perhaps I'm supposed to be mortified for believing that a respected surgeon and medical school professor could be a YECie.

Bad on me for falling for that last one, believing that a respected surgeon and medical school professor could be a Young Earth Creationist, but the thing I'm still unclear on: to me it still looks like Egnor does in fact believe in Intelligent Design.

I don't have a problem with scientists, engineers, doctors et al, believing in God or believing that a supernatural Intelligent Designer does indeed exist and did create all of us.

I already know that YEC and ID aren't the same thing. YEC denies evolution entirely, and ID believes that antibiotic resistance in bacteria evoles but that flagella did not. Yes, that was facetious and simplistic, but not unfair.

The problem with both philosophies is that they want science to stop asking questions, to stop looking for natural explanations for the world around us when we reach points that we don't have answers for [yet], to teach in schools and colleges that [whatever] is so because God said so.

That's Philosophy, not Science, and the real joke they're going to play on us is if we let them get away with muddling the two.

UPDATE 4-2-2007: I need to just stop paying attention to these people. It's turning my brains to mush. Thanks for the tipoff, sparky.


sparky said...

The "joke" is actually the joke: the post from Egnor is a fake put up probably by someone over at the Panda's Thumb. Look closely at the page: the "Discover Institute?"

Put up that page right next to the page linked on it,
« Philosopher Jay Richards Interviewed on ID Issues, and see if you notice the differences on the header.

maximo said...

yup. that's what i'm thinking. the joke is the joke.

hipparchia said...