Friday, April 13, 2007

In my country there is problem ...

Throw Imus down the well! I've confused SBC's characters here, but The Poor Man has my favorite take on the Imus flap so far. Booyakasha!


Keifus said...

100% recycled comment, just for you:

A former colleague (not that guy, the other one) was an Imus fan. I had no idea why he was then, and even less now. Vaguely curious, I gave the I-man one listen on teh way home from work, and couldn't get pasat the rambling, incoherent delivery. It had the feeling of being cornered by some tired old drunk at someone else's family picnic. Isn't radio supposed to be about voice talent as much as anything else?

"But Keifus, the interviews..." Not the interviews. I think Don Imus has more to do with cultural reinforcement. So why not fire him? No doubt they can dig out some other genial guy in a Stetson by the end of the month to fit the bill.

I greet his firing with a hearty whatever.


Totally shameless, eh?

Also, I'd think twice about luring that dog with a ball. I might consider tossing a steak in the other direction.


izxsvu: I didn't know Isuzu made them either.

hipparchia said...

[recycling is good]

hmmm ... genial ... stetson ... let me go look in my closet....

i'd have trouble pulling off the "guy" part, but i think i could start a whole new kind of shock jock trend: being a genial radio personality. that would be a shock these days.

it's my understanding that his interviews really were better than most others. if so, it's too bad he couldn't have stuck to that, capitalized on it. we need all the true discourse we can get.


awwww. hard to believe it's the same dog, huh? in fact, hard to believe this is even a dog.

dog facial expressions are so much fun. that guy seems to have made a hobby of catching his dog's every possible expression.

here ya go: i found some teeth for you to worry about.

iqmmsqj: the i-man squelched
uwvixide: you wish, deluded vixen