Sunday, June 03, 2007

Jesus H Fucking Christ, Bill!

What part of NO MORE TORTURE did you not understand?!

Just put on your blue eye shadow, get yourself a snazzy little BMW, and go park it somewhere, whydoncha.



daveto said...

That is a scary, nightmare-inducing picture.

I'm just a bit bewildered that the Bush guys haven't gone to the effort of trying to re-brand torture.

Like to me:

torture = pro-gettinginformationthatcansaveamericaandamericanlives

don't torture = pro-havingtheterroristscomekillushereinourownbackyards

But that's that arrogance thing, again.

hipparchia said...

it is scary, isn't it? and i didn't even photoshop it, though it looks like someone else may have, before i found it on the web.

i dunno, i was under the impression they had re-branded torture, and along the same lines that you've done here, but i could be wrong on that.

Keifus said...

Here you go.

The Nazis used this euphemism too, so you know it's a good'un.


gfzsplq: Zeus plays golf

hipparchia said...

it's official. we can call them nazis now.