Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The candidates on health care: Democrats

I'm unquestionably for Kucinich, and not just because of his health care plan, which is [as far as I can tell] the only single-payer, publicly-funded plan offered by any candidate. Of all the for-profit plans, I think I like Richardson's idea the best. However, as a public service, I link you to each of their websites.

Republicans tomorrow night.

*Update: I re-read these two plans, Edwards' and Obama's, more carefully, after reading Krugman's critique of Obama's plan. Looks like they both propose to not only regulate for-profit insurance more closely, but to set up public health insurance plans too, that [some? all?] people will be allowed to buy into. This means I should go back and re-read all the others more carefully too. Alternatively, y'all could just read them yourselves, now that I've been helpful enough to link to them for you.

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