Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This is your candidate. This is your candidate on abortion.

Democratic candidates, pay heed: we on the real left are watching you. Closely. And we're taking notes.

Mike Gravel beats the opposition on this issue, hands down. On Roe v Wade:
Any decision on abortion should remain between a woman and her doctor. There is no room for interference from politicians and judges. [emphasis mine]

On the recent Supreme Court decision that is too stupid to be named:
I am opposed to today's ruling or any ruling that places restrictions on reproductive freedom. Today's decision authorizes federal intervention to prohibit a nationwide procedure that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has found at times to be medically necessary.

Clean, clear, no-nonsense. None of this hand-wringing that we get from all the other candidates over how difficult this is, or how women need help from family, clergy, or other do-gooder interferences in making such a momentous decision.

It's true that late-term abortions are often performed because an otherwise wanted pregnancy has gone wrong, and that these women, and their families, can and do suffer real grief, but beyond that, get over yourselves, people. It's a clump of cells, and while we can't be sure, estimates are that Mother Nature herself spontaneously aborts a hefty percentage of pregnancies before women even realize they're pregnant.

On the Republican side, what it all boils down to: evey single one of those privileged white males thinks that privileged white males should be the ones to decide this issue for the weaker sex. I'll admit to having entertained, secretly, a guilty liking for Ron Paul, but not after reading his statements on abortion. He may be an obstetrician, but so was David Hager.

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Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is a LIBERTARIAN with a mean streak and some nasty friends. He can sound very reasoned on some issues, but overall, he is not someone you want as a neighbor, much less a President.

He only sounds reasonable in comparison to the people around him.

hipparchia said...

you're right about his sounding reasonable in comparison to the rest of his cohort.

he looks like he's got quite a mean streak in that photo. certainly his words there give that away. he definitely does NOT need to be president, i agree.

most of my family is made up of moderate republicans, and a lot of them could fairly be described as small-l libertarians [must be the texas roots]. i myself was a good little anarchist for many years before reluctantly yielding to the realization that while i don't need rules imposed me to be a good citizen, but an awful lot of my neighbors do.

* a fair number of my republican clan-mates have re-registered as democrats, entirely because of the ultra-religious wingnuts that infest a formerly perfectly good party. i don't know whether to congratulate them on finally seeing the light, or to condemn them for not standing by their own party and rescuing it from the nutjobs.

Steve Bates said...

Thanks for the info, hipparchia. I am pretty much uncompromising on this issue. My first contract programming job as I began my solo business about 20 years ago was a political database app for the local Planned Parenthood, and it was a labor of love as surely as work for pay. I have little tolerance for Democrats who engage in quibbling or triangulation on the abortion issue. My strong sense is that everyone not externally religiously directed can see full well the difference between a clump of cells and a human being, and that everyone who is not a religious extremist who nonetheless is anti-choice, is in fact a complete hypocrite. It bothers me when Democrats talk of compromise or a middle ground on this issue.

[qmsjryf - no way I'll attempt that one!]

hipparchia said...

steve: you are my new cybercrush! planned parenthood, no less. you're a prince. yes, it's all this accomodation and reasonableness and being sensitive to the feelings of others that has gotten us where we are today.

free passes are always allowed, because the game is no fun if it becomes work.

qmsjryf one of the dragons of pern, likely one that no one has met yet

Steve Bates said...

hipparchia, take me home with you! Oh, wait... we've already established that I'm old enough to be your father... among other matters (*cough* Stella *cough*). But cybercrushes have no rules, right? In any case, the cybercrush is very much mutual.

[vjyin - for golfers (which I'm not), Vijay... yes... in!)

hipparchia said...

ooooh, nice one! i'm a non-golfer in family of golfing nuts. i've spent many an hour watching vijay on tv [back when i had one].

i'm neither a homewrecker nor a poacher, and besides i like stella, in no small part because tabitha seems to think so highly of her. i trust the word of cats.

it's a brave new world, calling for a rewriting of some of the old rules. i'm a bit of a misanthrope in person and have become much more sociable now that i can stay on my side of the computer screen and y'all can all stay on your side of it.

i've actually met up with about 20 or so of my cyberbuds in real life now, in large-ish groups. we've taken to calling them hugfests, because not all of us, um, agree on stuff in cyberspace, but none of us has yet murdered any of the others in real life.

as for that age difference, i went off to college about 15 years after you did, which means that you're probably about the same age as my ex, so that's not a barrier. the fact that i'm easily vexed by having other people breathing my oxygen is a bit of a hurdle. ok, so it's more like the great wall of china than it is a mere hurdle.

Steve Bates said...

Not a problem... I know good and well you're not looking to wreck homes or move in, hipparchia, and I'm not shopping. It's fun to be appreciated, though, even (make that especially) at a distance.

(I'll finish this up in an email.)

hipparchia said...

i knew you and i were on the same wavelength, but it seemed something of an unkindness for me to leave any casual passers-by unenlightened.

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