Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dear Google:

found it at the best lolcats site evah of course

If you won't listen to me, maybe you'll listen to the cats. Your slogan, Don't Be Evil, is a good one, but it doesn't go far enough. How about you expand it to include, Don't Facilitate Evil. I'm a believer in Dirk Gently's interconnectedness of all things, and I like having lots of information at my fingertips like this, but y'all are going overboard. If I wanted everybody and his cousin's jackass to know all about me, I'd move back to that small town I left.


Steve Bates said...

Everybody's cousin's jackass knew all about you? Who knew! (I know, I know... everybody's cousin's jackass. Hey, I've spent time in a small town.)

I can't put my mind at ease about Google Street. OT1H, everything displayed there is surely visible to anyone driving down that street. OTOH, the technological limits are disappearing rapidly. If I lived on a street in a city covered by Google, I believe I'd start keeping my streetside blinds drawn.

Great lolcats pic, btw.

Keifus said...

Ah hell, I really regret pissing on the side of the road like that.

hipparchia said...

google sees every sparrow that falls.

Steve Bates said...

"google sees every sparrow that falls."


hipparchia said...

ya caught me. check back in a bit.