Tuesday, July 03, 2007

B-b-b-but, the taxes!

It'll cost a fortune to provide free health care for everybody!

Well, no, not really. We're already spending a fortune on lousy health care for only part of our population, as numerous people have pointed out. And now here's a blogger who tackles the thorny question I'd been avoiding: just exactly where are those other countries getting the money?



Anonymous said...

It is really annoying to see the numbers and realize we have been had again by the lies.

The same or lower taxes and they get health care.

hipparchia said...

annoying? it infuriates me to the point that i lose all reason. i spent some time composing a reply to this crap and became so rambling and incoherent i gave up.

if obama really is listening to goolsbee, he's not getting my vote.

Steve Bates said...

Thanks; good info to have all in one place. You, Bryan and IFS will all be linked from my Sicko post, when I finally write it (sigh... nods off to sleep]).

Steve Bates said...

(Jeez. Unbalanced brackets, "IFS" instead of "ISS" ... I think I'm tired!)

Archaeopteryx said...

This made me think of you.

hipparchia said...

thanks for that, arch. tom tomorrow is terrific.