Saturday, July 07, 2007

infanticide, incest, cannibalism, bestiality and orgiastic sex

And here you were all thinking it's money that's the root of all evil.


Steve Bates said...

Oh... I thought your post title was your daily to-do list...

I continue to be amazed that any woman in today's world can adhere to the more reactionary forms of Christianity. What kind of self-loathing must be required?

[rdcmwmd - radical men; women of mass distraction]

hipparchia said...

i've made a pact with the devil that i'll bear no one's child, so i have to sub out the incest.

it's pretty tough getting through this world if you're a woman all on your own, so while i'd like to, i can't entirely fault the women for making pacts with the christian devils in exchange for survival and the promise of an easier life.

also, the religious zealots are highly skilled in brainwashing techniques [some might quibble with my terminology here], so a lot of kids are doomed from the start.

hipparchia said...

can't say that i buy the author's premise entirely [and i admit to not yet reading the entire article]; very fundamentalist jews seem to have about the misogynist viewpoint as the fundamentalist christians. i know even less about the history of judaism than i do about christianity, so perhaps that misogyny didn't arise in judaism until it gained a hold in christianity.

the buddhists, from what little i know of them, seem less rigidly hierarchical than the western religions, but even they have hierarchies, and from where i'm looking at it at least, men generally have more status than women.