Sunday, July 08, 2007

Egg ... Chicken ... Chicken ... Egg

I was just reading my favorite columnist over at my favorite subversive blog, Krugman, expressing contempt of Bush's "taking care of" Libby, when I noticed a couple of things.

First off, Krugman refers to the Where Are They Now? wrap-up that Think Progress has done on the architects of the invasion of Iraq. The link he provides is to Think Progress' front page, rather than to the article in question. I did a little detective work and found it for you: THE ARCHITECTS OF WAR: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

Secondly, I couldn't help noticing something else, as I skimmed down the list of those architects. A question: does being ugly make you a warmonger, or does being a warmonger make you ugly?


Steve Bates said...

"The Defense Department’s Inspector General found that Feith’s secretive groups at the Pentagon 'developed, produced, and then disseminated' deceptive intelligence that contradicted 'the consensus of the Intelligence Community.'" - Think Progress

I believe that is known as "justification by Feith alone."

Regarding your question, perhaps a study should be undertaken. It may be that our shared perception of the looks of these warmongers is not universal; indeed, I believe I've read that the very senior crowd thinks Rumsfeld is a "hottie" (per the article I read; I would never have chosen that word myself).

hipparchia said...

a feith-based initiative?

and rumsfeld may look better than that irl, but in the photo he's basically only got slits where his eyes ought to be.

Archaeopteryx said...

I'm sure you saw Frank Rich's column about Libby. It wasn't as much about taking care of Libby as taking care of Bush.

hipparchia said...

if you mean his "profile in cowardice" column, yes.

the problem with being a thug in charge of other thugs is that either you have to take care of them or you have to take care of them [buy them off or whack them].

i'm betting it it's more cheney and less bush who can be taken down by libby. it's just that the vice president isn't the one with the [direct] power for pardom/commutation, so bush had to do it.

Keifus said...

The second thing, I think. We carry a lot of associations. There's a segment of the population (some twenty-somehting percent these days, I think) that probably thinks being a warmonger makes him look hot.


zxras: sleeping late.

hipparchia said...

[sleeping late! good for you!]

you're probably right on the hotness, keifus. power is supposed to be quite the aphrodisiac.

daveto said...

you did(!) find it .. i was too lazy (hey, pullin too many midnight shifts) .. thanks

hipparchia said...

de nada.

though i'm a bit sorry, to tell you the truth. that picture of rumsfeld kept me awake last night.