Thursday, July 12, 2007

Road trip

I haven't been to the Grand Canyon since I was a kid, and while I seem to have missed out on the falling mules, I can clearly remember my Dad yelling [from way back at the parking lot, practically] to my Mom: Erma! Get those kids away from there!! every time my brother and I tried to look over the edge.

So now I've got a trip planned for Christmas vacation 2007 to AZ: the Grand Canyon, coupla other spots, and maybe a side trip to Sedona [which somehow I've also missed]. If I spend my money wisely and well, and get lost on the way home, maybe I can even end up homeless and destitute on the streets of Denver.

Speaking of the Commonwealth Fund [I like that: common wealth], they've also put this report out recently: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: An International Update on the Comparative Performance of American Health Care [warning: 40-page PDF] comparing the health care systems of the United Kingdom [leading the pack], Germany [2], Australia and New Zealand [tied for 3.5], Canada [5], and the US [dead last].

Consolation prize: We're first in spending.


TenaciousK said...

If you make it up a little further north, you are always welcome to drop in/crash/get fed a nice dinner/have coffee.

ncods: no codes (cods? coeds?)

hipparchia said...

hey, tk! long time, no see! thanks for the invite. your state is one of the few i've never been in.

[i'm thinking no cods where you are]

TenaciousK said...

Oh yeah - summer's my busy time. If I'm around much, it bodes ill for my continued employment.

Utah is beautiful - you should visit.

xndmlriy: extend military [no!]

Archaeopteryx said...

Between the two of you, you're making me wish I could go back immediately to the three canyons (Bryce, Zion, Grand). I love Arkansas, but it's awfully,uh, canyon-free. Also humid.

hipparchia said...

gee, arch, you could be here in florida, judging from that description. ps. we do at least have beaches.