Thursday, July 05, 2007

Life is short. Play with your food.

Tonight: Vegemite on toast.

I love faces. I love portraits. I could spend all day in galleries studying them. I like to draw them. I like to paint them. I like to watch other artists drawing and painting them. My latest unholy obsession is speed painting and speed drawing over at You Tube. Artists [and a few wankers] make time-lapse videos of themselves drawing or painting a subject, and set the videos to music.

My very favorite is Eclectic Asylum Art, followed closely by Monster by Mail.

Eclectic Asylum Art has finally started those long-awaited portrait drawing lessons. The first three are all lecture, no lab, but he's promised that these are the only ones like that. Links:
Lesson 1
Lesson 2a
Lesson 2b

Bonus: One of my favorite videos, the chocolate syrup drawing, won Third Place in the New Numa Contest.


Keifus said...

I like how the artist scraped the toast to get the highlights. That was a nice touch.

upkjnx: up to known hijinx

Steve Bates said...

My late father and I used to joke that we had a division of artistic labor in the household: he did all the paintings; I did all the musical performances. And a damned good thing it was, in both cases: he was truly pitch-deaf, and I couldn't draw a salary.

The toast portrait of the artist was quite wonderful; thanks for the link. For some reason, I'm hungry now...

hipparchia said...

that guy is a totally awesome portraitist. i'm looking forward to his instructional videos.

steve, you and your dad sound like me and my brother. he's mucially gifted and an excellent photographer, whereas i can just barely tell the difference between music and white noise, and cameras commit suicide rather than lend themselves to my machinations.

i do wield a mean piece of charcoal, though.