Sunday, September 30, 2007

12 hours left!

From my e-mail inbox:

Dear [hipparchia],

This is it! There are twelve hours left, and we need your contribution to reach our final goal this weekend of 300,000 dollars.

Your help has already brought us to 270,000 dollars and now is the time we need you to propel us through that last 30,000 dollars.

If 300 people contribute 100 dollars, then we can meet our goal.

The FEC (Federal Election Commission) has set its official deadline for third quarter filings at midnight tonight, so we have twelve hours to record our contributions.

Please, give our campaign one last push with your $100 contribution, or any amount you can provide.

Thanks for all of your support,
Dennis Kucinich

If you want to help to help with that last $30,000 uou can donate using the link on the front page of his website or call toll free: 1-877-413-3664.

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