Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I kid you not

More visiting of Republican pages:

If you google escambia county democrats, like I did, looking for their website, the very first link takes you to the Escambia County Republican Executive Committee.

In other news:

One or more of the cats uses toilet paper. Somebody keeps unrolling all the toilet paper and piling it into and around the litter box. Is mine the only household in the entire world where the toilet paper has to be locked away in a drawer?


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine claimed he knew someone who taught his cat to use the toilet, and flush after.

It was a great advance, until he got the water bill.

hipparchia said...

apparently that happens a lot

Anonymous said...

Toilet paper is less expensive than paper towels, hope they don't find out.

Toilet paper in the drawer, paper towels in the cabinet.

hipparchia said...

they've figured out the cabinet doors. drawers are my only hope. child-proof latches for cabinet doors may be child-proof, but curmudgeon cat figured them out in short order at my previous abode.

for some reason, none of them is interested in the countertop next to the kitchen sink, so the paper towels have been safe so far.

i've given up on the kleenexes and just pick some up off the furniture or floor whenever i need one.

Archaeopteryx said...

Three of our four unroll the toilet paper. They haven't figured out paper towels or kleenex yet. But there's not a capinet in the house they can't open.

hipparchia said...

the cats only snag a couple of kleenexes at a time to use as toys. the dog, otoh, is a kleenex box emptying fiend. he doesn't want to play with the tissues, he just wants to disembowel the box.

i tried taking the toilet paper off the holder and setting it on the counter behind the kleenex box, hoping they'd go for the obvious. they didn't fall for it. the kleenexes went untouched.