Monday, September 03, 2007


I see that the total number of votes is now 433, up from 380, but that the percentages have stalled at 19% Yes, 74% No, and 7% other, so they may be on to my ballot box stuffing wish. Or else some of you have been voting contrarian.

No matter. The Yes votes don't [yet!] outnumber the No votes, but 19% is bigger than 17%, so in the spirit of my earlier proposition, here's a little something for your eco-friendly sex life [via Treehugger and The Ethicurean] while you watch kitten MTV.

Viking kittens get the Led out:

and mash it up:

kitty said what?

Yes, I know, I'm the last person on the planet who hasn't already seen these videos, but a blog can never have too much of kittens, parody, or Led Zeppelin.


Unknown said...

I hadn’t seen those videos. And as one who was without health insurance for over two years, my vote increases the minority just a bit.

hipparchia said...

cool! thanks.

Keifus said...

Okay, I broke my no-video rule for Led Zeppelin. It was worth it. I learned a lot about Scandinavian furniture too. (But no Battle of Evermore? What?)

qnfgf: that's king Fafnir, dammit, with his aegis helmet. (Bring me the head of Chuck Jones.)

hipparchia said...

ok, this is all your fault, all of it.

but thanks. i'd seen those jumping stilts before and could never find them again. now i have. as well as sparta. cutest kittem mtv evah.

Unknown said...

Since I first visited this post I have shared these with Alex, the cat who owns me, and now the furball wants to star in a video.

hipparchia said...

you can set alex up with his own youtube account for free. and if you don't own a video camera, you can combine music with photos that you've made into a slideshow [i think most computers have some kind of basic software that can be used to make slideshows] youtube even has free music you can use, i think.