Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hovercraft gurneys!

That's what's wrong. It's not the insurance companies, or the lack of hospitals, nurses, doctors, and places for them to live, it's the lack of space-age gadgetry.



Steve Bates said...

Fiore is a genius.

I want my own hovercraft gurney. I'd name it... what else... Halleck.

hipparchia said...

damn it, i had to google that. how embarassing. in my defense, i was never a huge fan of the canon, though at one time i did read it all and even saw the movie[s?].

Unknown said...

I was in the ER at the VA hospital on Saturday. They had lots of gadgets, just no one to operate them.

Steve Bates said...

"i was never a huge fan of the canon, ..."

Me either, but you have to admit Patrick Stewart was magnificent in the movie, particularly in the moment he shouted "ATOMICS!"