Tuesday, September 25, 2007

SA 3017

The Kyl-Lieberman amendment to HR 1585, [hidden] Purpose: To [surreptitiously] Declare War on Iran excited some debate today in the Senate. Senators Jim Webb D-VA and Dick Durbin D-IL speak out eloquently against it. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid must have received his new spine in the mail today, but he's certainly being cautious about trying it out:
Due to the still outstanding concerns raised over the amendment, Reid announced this evening on the Senate floor that Lieberman-Kyl bill “will not have a vote in the near future.” Reid added that negotiations are ongoing and “maybe the night will be bring more clearness to the issue. But right now I think it’s fair to say there will be no votes tonight.”
An astute commenter on Durbin's speech [and Reid's reaction] has this to say:

Well, it looks like Reid sort of stood up for what is right. Now, bombard him with emails telling him to not even allow bills like this to come up for a vote. All he is doing is allowing the Republicans to frame the issue and we really don’t need any more of that.

Besides, what happened to their promise to pass a bill forbidding Bush from attacking Iran?

Here’s how to contact Harry Reid

PS. The revised version of SA 3017 isn't any better.

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