Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Define "improve"

Not finished reading yet, but "improving the food stamp program" seems to include:

more fresh fruit and veggies [good]
expand access for some folks [good]
take away access for some others [sigh... ]

Compassionate conservatism = gotta conserve that compassion because it's one of those finite commodities that we don't have very much of. These people should maybe go meditate on a mountaintop with some Buddhist monks somewhere. For, like, years.


Unknown said...

If they went up on a mountain top, they’d incorporate and try to make a profit from the mountain—or the monk.

hipparchia said...

heya, nick. your timing is impeccable. at the time you were writing about mountain tops, i was reading about mountain tops.

but this was what i was thinking about when i wrote this post on monks and meditation. you have scroll down pretty far to get to the part about compassion.