Friday, October 12, 2007

Stingray feeding time at the zoo

we like mellow mut because lord knows we need to maintain a peaceful lifestyle with this many of us in one small space


Anonymous said...

Lavender is supposed to be a flea bane.

I can see where walking would be a problem.

Anonymous said...

what bryan said! i was thinking the same thing. (i know LOL is used waaay too much, but i am sooo laughing out loud!)

hipparchia said...


a lol a day keeps the blues away.

hipparchia said...


not being a fan of pesticides, i took your advice and tried the lavender strategy. i was cursing you heartily for lying to me, as the lavender-scented fleas overran the place and reproduced like mad, but after a few weeks, they all disappeared, so maybe it's true.

walking around is still the biggest challenge, but sitting or lying down on any piece of furniture can be hazardous too.

Steve Bates said...

Walking? Stella accused me of sitting on Samantha this evening, just because I sat on the edge of the chair Samantha had just usurped from me. Samantha knew better; she's not shy about expressing herself if she gets stepped on or sat on. But I admit it's easier with only two critters instead of a dozen underfoot/underseat.

Never heard of lavender. I'll have to inform Stella's girlz, or probably Stella herself... cats don't make shopping runs to the pet store themselves, regrettably.

hipparchia said...

i'm sure the dog and curmudgeon cat are working on figuring out ebay. i expect to come home any day now and find cases and cases of goodies on the front porch.