Monday, October 29, 2007

If anybody desrves to be tasered, it's this guy.

Bite my dog's ear off, will ya? Also, that dude better be glad the police dogs aren't taking lessons from the hunting dogs.


Steve Bates said...

Messing around with a German shepherd is asking for trouble. They're not mean dogs, but they are very loyal to their owners. In my childhood, my back-fence neighbors had shepherds; they terrified me along the fence line... until the day their owner formally introduced me to them, after which I was officially no longer a threat, though I wouldn't say I was a friend, either.

As to the shooting dogs, would it be cruelty to animals to arrange a hunter-shooting contest between them and Dick Cheney?

hipparchia said...

shepherds are very loyal indeed. even the ones who are ridiculously friendly to everybody in non-threatening situations will make it known who their friends are or are not if need be.

about that contest -- i dunno; would the dogs be allowed to have a few beers?