Sunday, October 07, 2007

Where are they now?

Those six wandering nuclear warheads, did anybody say where they ended up once they were discovered in Louisiana?

The latest news I can find [I didn't try very hard] is that they're blaming it on nuclear and exactly identical non-nuclear warheads being stored together in the same place. I don't which scares me more, the fact that they might really be storing the two together, or the fact that this might be a lie that they're feeding us to direct our attention away from whatever it is they'd like to cover up.


Steve Bates said...

Oh, come on. There's not a chance in the world that it happened as described. Even given the limited amount an ordinary citizen like me knows, those procedures have been in place for decades. There have been plane crashes and other sorts of physical disasters, but I cannot recall a single announced instance of a procedural disaster... and if that's what this is, it's about as disastrous as a nuclear cock-up gets. It would require multiple people to screw up at multiple stages of the publicly documented procedure... or, equally improbably, a large number of people to conspire to create a disaster. Sorry, but I just don't believe it. This was done deliberately, on orders, and we are being lied to.

hipparchia said...

i'm leaning towards the lying liars theory myself.